United States Judgment Enforcement Bureau - Victim of Judgment Collection Scam

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When you are granted a judgment, that information is public, this company, the United States Judgment Enforcement Bureau, gathers that information and sends you a letter, promising to go after the losing party to help collect the financial judgment. This is a scam.

Ken Ryker, Angela Franco, Peter Jacobs - these people are *** artists. They will come up with a number they think you can afford, and once you pay you will never hear from them again - no emails, no returned phone calls.

Check out reports with the Better Business Bureau; research other web complaint boards; their webpage is just a holding page with Go Daddy, their phone is just an answering machine.

These people pray on those who have already been hurt once, don't get hurt twice.



Love these guys. They have collected everything we have ever given them. I don't know who posted this but they are crazy.


What a bunch of liars.Bottom line is they are licensed to do business in the State of Florida and have collected EVERY judgment I have ever turned over to them.

You call them a fraud but give no reason. They you try and rip them off and fail?

If you need your judgment collected, these are the people to do it for you.Very professional.


Their other dummy company is DGM Financial from Miami, Fl, Wayne Hamilton, their BBB rating is "F" FRAUD!

They changed their name to United States Judgment Enforcement Bureau after ripping people off under the other name.


They are bottom feeders, report them to the Fl Attorney General, I did...I think it is only 1 person and he has all these aliases.

Look up DGM Financial @ Ripoff Reports, same fraudster.

They get abusive in their emails when they finally do answer you and tell you nothing about your case but get really nasty.

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